Jan 15, 2016

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Learning the Salsa Dance

My salsa dance lessons review is based upon experience while I was learning salsa in multiple dancing schools as well as international salsa festivals in Greece.Firstly I would like to note that salsa dance lessons are social dances. That means that generally speaking, latin dances require a man and woman as a pair. Salsa dances requires a man and a woman to dance and make them feel a beautiful harmony during the dance movements. Couples dance lessons are a way to socialize people amongst them.  From Realtors in Wilmington, NC, to Artisans in Wellington NZ, people around the world love to dance!  If you decide to learn to dance salsa, bachata or merengue you will probably feel the harmony of dancing steps as a pair.


Salsa dance lessons normally start after a 5-10 minute warming exercises. These exercises aim to help ourselves to move the body safety, avoiding any kind of accidents such as muscle aches. Salsa dance form is physically very demanding form of dance. Its required the couple to be physically active, flexible and at the same time to have sound understanding of the music and the beats. Salsa is not just a dance, it requires one to put in his/her soul into each and every performance. The couples need to be very much compatible and responsive to the dance moves as well as have a good personal bonding while being on the stage and during the performance. It requires the dancers to put in enough effort during the learning and a lot of practice over the time to be able become an apt Slasa Dance r performer.

Remember, salsa dance is somehow a kind of aerobic exercise, a dance to fitness! Then, after the quick warm up, usually we start to learn to dance salsa steps separately. Most professional latin dancers teach firstly how to dance a step alone. Due to different dancing steps between men and women, it is common sense to firstly, learn a step as single step. The dance instructor is straight in front of students. Having his back in front of the eyes of students, the salsa instructor moves his body and makes the new steps in order for us to follow him at the same time. Then, he also adds the music, depending on what kind of dance we learn, and we do again the new steps we just learnt with music and rythem.

Heh, I love that moment! As I love latin music, I can’t resist not to dance when I listen to musica latina! It is a fun part I can say. After the teaching of salsa steps with music, most of the instructors tend to “create” couples in order to learn to dance salsa steps as a pair. Sometimes, this part is the funniest, due to the reason you don’t know who is the other person at all, and you have to dance with that person for the first time. Weird feelings.. but personally I like that moment, it makes us more sociable frankly speaking Be sure to check my resource on Salsa Dancing Lessons Like A Star.If you have any comments regarding your experience on salsa dancing lessons, then just share your thought here!

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